Wednesday, October 26, 2011


November 5, known as Guy Fawkes Day in Britain, is a special day for Anonymous. And this November 5, Anonymous is celebrating by saying it will make three different raids: an attack on the social media giant Facebook, a physical protest against banks, and an assault on right-wing news network Fox News.

In "Operation Facebook", Anonymous is targeting Facebook for their inadequate privacy settings and for “selling information to government agencies and giving clandestine access to information security firms so they can spy on people from all around the world.” There has been some confusion, even on the part of Anonymous if this operation will actually take place. A call-to-arms video was refuted by a tweet by AnonOps, the Twitter stream of Anonymous Operations, only to be partially retracted with another tweet explaining that some members still might partake in the raid.

"Operation Cash Back" or "Operation Cash Run", both names are used for the same thing, was announced two weeks ago via YouTube video, and the call-to-arms has already been duplicated various times. Both are is reminiscent of the “Move Your Money” project, which asks supporters to close down their accounts with large international banks. They also coincide with Bank Transfer Day, a Facebook group with over 25,000 like, which has a similar objective. Operation Cash Run will both strengthen your community and weaken the forces of global corruption” says the modulated anonymous voice in the Operation Cash Run video. The Operation Cash Back video shares a similar message, and even links to the Bank Transfer Day Facebook page.

The third activity is dubbed "Operation Fox Hunt" and is designed to go after Fox News. The first video calls Fox News’ broadcasts “conservative right-wing propaganda” and states that Anonymous is motivated to punish Fox news for “belittling” Occupy movement protesters. “I've always looked at Fox News as publishing news that borderline Libel (the publication of matter in a defamatory manner). It would be nice for someone to show the truth for once and not the skewed version of it” wrote Bolderdash in a supportive comment on a Reddit thread about the video.

At time of publication, Fox News had yet to make a statement regarding the “Operation Fox Hunt” videos.

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