Monday, October 17, 2011


It seems like the courts just don't seem to agree with any lawsuit the Winklevoss twins bring. Having already lost in court again and again in their attempts to claim ownership of Facebook, the Winklevoss twins have now lost in their attempt to get out of having to pay their original lawyers $13 million.

In case you haven't followed the story (and didn't see The Social Network), the Winklevii came to a settlement agreement with Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, which has made them fantastically more wealthy than they already were. But they got greedy, and after the settlement was signed, tried to back out of it, claiming that they were misled in the negotiations. The courts have rejected that argument, and so they also sued their lawyers, insisting that it was all their fault. In a ruling the court has tossed this latest case as well. Maybe the Winklevii should give up on the courts and get back to rowing.

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