Monday, September 19, 2011


Over on Netflix's official blog, company head Reed Hastings has announced in a surprisingly humble blog post and video (see below) that it's splitting the DVD-by-mail business away into a new venture dubbed Qwikster (horrible name that conjures up the Amway site Quixtar). While the recent price changes already split the cost for each service, when this takes effect in a few weeks it will result in two different websites, two different sets of movie ratings and queues, and two different charges on customer's bills. Reed admits two separate sites may make it more difficult to manage a presence on both, but says dropping the need for compatibility between the two will enable new features to balance that out (huh?). The familiar red envelopes will remain, however they will now sport the new Qwikster (ugh!) logo.

In other news, Netflix Qwikster (god, I hate that name) is getting into video game rentals, available for an extra charge similar to the existing Blu-ray disc option.

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