Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Last night saw the relaunch of Delicious, the little bookmarking site that helped inspire a wave of social companies in the eight years since it was founded. New owners Chad Hurley and Steve Chen (aka the creators of YouTube) have ported Delicious over from previous owner Yahoo and are ready to show their first revision to the public. Expectations aren’t terrifically high for the new Delicious, given the rareness of tech comeback stories and the fact that Delicious was never really that popular. But we can’t help but watch given Hurley and Chen’s magic touch at YouTube.

The new Delicious retains a lot of visual elements from the old site, but it tweaks the core user activity to be creating “stacks” of content. In an interview late Monday, Hurley compared stacks to YouTube playlists, saying he thinks the way to go mainstream is by enabling users to express their interests. The new Delicious can be found at www.delicious.com

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