Monday, December 19, 2011


24/7 Wallstreet has compiled a list of the worst run companies in America. It used a number of factors to evaluate the companies including stock price, dividends paid, product launch success, financial results, success of new management and the performance of each company within its industry. Not surprisingly a number of technology oriented companies made the list.

Research in Motion (RIM) came in at #2 on the list. It's delay in releasing competitive products and poorly designed products with the inability to compete against Apple and Android were sited as two of the main reasons.

At #4 on the list is Eastman Kodak. With the inability to transition from an operating company to a patent holder with intellectual property to license investors are very skittish on the company. It's stock price is down 79% YTD and many investors are suing the company for misleading them about how much capital it had on hand.

In the 7-9 spots are Hewlett-Packard, Groupon and Netflix respectively. HP has lost up to 22% of it's stock price with the main concern around the ability to find a successful successor to Mark Hurd. Groupon has never made a profit and there are concerns about it's accounting practices. Rounding out the list is Netflix. It makes the list mainly due to the debacle this summer where the company raised rates on customers 60%. It lost over 800,000 customers according to it's most recent filing.

To read the rest of the list and see who was in the best companies catagory, hit the link above.

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