Monday, December 19, 2011


Google + (G+) has announced a number of improvements on it's blog this morning. Some of the improvements include the finer control over postings. The control allows the user to “graphic-equalize” the stream of a particular circle. A slider will allow the user to adjust how posts are blended into the stream.

The G+ team has also updated the photo viewing utility, Lightbox. The improvements to Lightbox include improved navigation, enhanced comment legibility and better overall utility. Other improvements include better photo-tagging utility that is "both fun and fluid." These improvements are designed to make the photo the hero, letting the content itself shine through.

Notifications have been updated as well. G+ has enhanced the notifications with easier to read "sneak previews" that immediately present what’s new and why you might care.

Lastly, Pages have been updated. Administration has been improved with the ability to have up to 50 managers as administrators for the page. Notficiations for Pages has been improved to help those managers stay in the loop and be more involved with page conversation.

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