Sunday, April 24, 2011


Verizon Wireless reported that it has activated 2.2 million iPhone 4 devices during the first quarter. That number is helping the company to drive increased data revenue, which was up 22.3% year over year, and new smartphone sales which now account for 60% of total phone sales. That’s an increase of 11% from the previous quarter and 24% year over year.

In January, after much speculation and rumor, Apple and Verizon Wireless finally announced that the iPhone was coming to the carrier ending the monopoly AT&T had since 2007. The two companies picked the memorable date of 11.1.11 to make their announcement. That announcement was followed up by an official pre-order launch of the Verizon iPhone on February 9th, though Verizon subscribers got a chance to pre-order early on February 3rd at 3am marking the most successful first-day sales in Verizon Wireless’ history.

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